The Blinkumentary Release Is Coming Soon

Blinkumentary disk

Get excited! The Blinkumentary, which includes live concert footage, behind the scenes, and more from over 2 years of filming is coming soon and it’s about time. While we don’t have a specific release date yet, we do know that the first (final) draft (photo of the preview disk above) of the Blinkumentary is done and is now being screened and reviewed.

So it shouldn’t be long now… We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Best Live CD/DVD: Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now Part 2

I was doing some thinking about all the live albums I’ve ever listened to and I came to the conclusion that Taking Back Sunday’s Louder Now: Part 2 just may be the best live album ever (at least that I’ve seen and heard).

I’ve embedded a video above of “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?” which will give you a taste of what this CD/DVD has to offer. It is literally Adam Lazarra at his best. Perfect vocals, perfect stage presence — he tore it up. The entire band was rocking out really hard the entire show.

It’s also worth noting how well shot the concert was, the videographers did a fantastic job showing off the amount of energy at the show. Anyway, I don’t think my words can describe how awesome it is, so just watch the video above. I guarantee you will want to hear and watch more — it’s TBS at their finest.

Grab it on iTunes or if you are interested in the DVD too Amazon has you covered.

Angels & Airwaves Kick Off Love Pt. 2 Tour

Last night, Angels & Airwaves kicked off their tour in support of the recent release of Love Pt. 2 which features songs “Saturday Love” “Surrender” “Anxiety” and my personal favorite “Behold A Pale Horse.” Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Behold A Pale Horse made it onto the setlist at the House of Blues in Anaheim.

However, the setlist was as follows:

1. Saturday Love
2. Young London
3. Surrender
4. Dry Your Eyes
5. The Adventure
6. Everything’s Magic
7. Anxiety
8. Valkyrie Missile
9. Lifeline
10. Call to Arms
11. Tom (by himself) — There Is
12. Hallucinations
13. Secret Crowds
14. All That We Are
15. The War

Awesome setlist. Were you there or are you going to a show? Let us know!

PS: You can check out some photos from last night (thanks to the OCWeekly).