Best Live CD/DVD: Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now Part 2

I was doing some thinking about all the live albums I’ve ever listened to and I came to the conclusion that Taking Back Sunday’s Louder Now: Part 2 just may be the best live album ever (at least that I’ve seen and heard).

I’ve embedded a video above of “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?” which will give you a taste of what this CD/DVD has to offer. It is literally Adam Lazarra at his best. Perfect vocals, perfect stage presence — he tore it up. The entire band was rocking out really hard the entire show.

It’s also worth noting how well shot the concert was, the videographers did a fantastic job showing off the amount of energy at the show. Anyway, I don’t think my words can describe how awesome it is, so just watch the video above. I guarantee you will want to hear and watch more — it’s TBS at their finest.

Grab it on iTunes or if you are interested in the DVD too Amazon has you covered.

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