Will The Fray Disappoint With Scars & Stories?

On February 7th, The Fray will be releasing their latest album “Scars & Stories” which features the singles “Heartbeat” (music video above) and “The Fighter.” Now, let me just say, I am not the biggest fan of The Fray, but I do like a few of their songs. As it turns out the songs of theirs that I like are typically the first few singles that they release.

I’m hoping that Scars & Stories has more tracks that I like than the typical Fray album, but we’ll see. So far, I really like “Heartbeat” and I’m kind of meh about “The Fighter” — we shall see!

What do you think about The Fray?

The All-American Rejects New Single: Beekeepers Daughter

The All-American Rejects are preparing to release their new album (Kids In The Street) and have announced that the first single to drop will be titled “Beekeepers Daughter.” The single will be released on January 31 (next Tuesday). However, you can listen to a quick 30 second clip right here!

I’ve included the single’s artwork below.

Beekeepers daughter artwork

What do you think? Love, like, hate it?